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Website Services Questionnaire
If you are interested in having a new website or updating your existing website, please complete the following form.  The answers will help your website to be listed in search engines such as and  The answers you submit may appear in the search results page.  This is not a replacement for SEO (search engine optimization) services but will help your website get started in the right direction.  This is a service provided at no extra charge when TMS designs or re-designs your website. This information in not mandatory but is highly recommended.


Company Name


Contact Name:

Company Address:


Address Line 2:

Fax Number:

City, State, Zip:

email address:

1.  Do you currently have a website?
If yes, what is the website address?

2.  If you do not have a current website, have you ever had one?
If yes, what was the website address?


3.  Who is the website's registrar?  (What website was your website name registered through)?

4.  Who is the host for your website? (Where is your website residing right now)?

5.  Do you know the login and password information for the registrar and the current host to make changes to your website?
      (This information is needed to make changes)
6.  Are you interested in moving your website to have TMS host it for you?
7.  Enter a title description for your company. 
      For example, TMS Computer Service, Computer and Network Services in San Antonio, TX
8.  Enter a short description for your company. (Max 35 characters)
9. Enter another short description for your company, different from the above description  (max 35 characters)
10.  Enter a long description for your company.  (Max 150 characters)
11.  Enter keywords and phrases that relate to your company.  Separate each entry with a comma. (Max 20 words)
Website content checklist: (Please check all of the items that you will be able to submit)

Contact information
Company information, history, about, etc.
Information for products shown on website
Information for services shown on website
Sales or promotion information
Company logo
Photos of products
Photos of services
Photos of employees or others providing services

What services are you interested in?


HomeServiceOur TeamWhy Us?CareersTestimonialsTech Placement Servicescomputer service contact