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Project Management For Small Business

As a small business owner investing in your IT is a complex and most often frustrating experience. Processes that were once fast enough are now unable to keep up, security and privacy concerns have grown, and customers want new things your competition is already doing.

When a small business tries to take advantage of new technologies or improve how their operations run you have many different options. Who do you trust to implement it? Do you outsource to an outside company, hire staff internally to handle it, or can you do both affordably?

“Never enough time to do it right, but always enough to do it over.” is not something a small business can afford to hear. Dealing with a firm that is good at implementing a solution is not enough. Your business is unique and there is no cookie cutter solution. You should have the edge with professionals who know not only know how to implement the solution but can do so in a way that gives you feedback, progress reports, watches ahead for risks to the project, documents, and organizes things so you can stay under budget and on time.

Project Management will save your business money.  The main focus is to align your goals and objectives in a way that you can measure.   If your project is making progress or failing to deliver you will know.


No IT staff? No worries. Having a plan that lays out to you the steps, vendors, cost and timeline will give you confidence that you’re accomplishing what is best for your business. Project Management means we look at the technology you need, how it scales, what the potential risks might be, and which employees it affects. This is a level above just being another vendor that steps in to install a solution.

What if you already have IT staff? TMS can supplement your staff with a Project Manager that can work hand in hand to organize the requirements and tasks of a new project.  Your staff can then use their time efficiently on both the project and normal operations.

Failure to plan is a plan for failure and we pride ourselves on creating a plan that takes into account your business practices, skills, timeline and budget so that you can stay competitive.



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