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Secure Data Backup Service


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Cover All Your Bases

Any business-critical data that your applications create should be regularly backed up. BitLeap lets you get everything you need, every time! From documents and presentations, spreadsheets and databases, to e-mail or accounting records — BitLeap can back it up.

A Cut Above the Rest Why tapes are left in the dust.





Plug in LeapServ and start automatic backups.

Install tape system, setup backup software, manually conduct backup everyday.


All your data history.

Only snap shots of data from the number of days in tape rotation available.


Data stored in multiple offsite locations with full equipment failure redundancy.

Up to 12% annual failure rate per tape, up to 60% of restores fail due to technical problems or incorrect administration.


Instant by multiple users from any location.

Must be restored from physical tape by trained staff.


Data backed up as soon as it is created or changed.

New data at risk until next scheduled manual backup.


Backups always running.

Staff responsible to run backups may be out sick, on vacation, not available on weekends, or forget.


Done by BitLeap.

Done by you.


Warranty support and “pre-loaded” cross shipping.

Limited manufacturer’s warranty by RMA process.


Just give us a call.

Good Luck.


Simply upgrade your account as your data backup needs grow.

Purchase new expensive hardware with higher tape volumes.

Bitleap Secure Data Backup

HomeServiceOur TeamWhy Us?CareersTestimonialsTech Placement Servicescomputer service contact